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Sustainable Grid Integration of Distributed and Renewable Resources



Step 1: Trainee Selection Criteria  > Step 2: Application > Step 3: Additional Materials


Completed Degrees Include university, department, degree awarded, month/year graduated, and your GPA


Your statement (two-page maximum) should describe your motivation(s) for participating in the IGERT program, how you meet the assessment criteria, your commitment to the emerging field of sustainable grids, your personal career goals following completion of the Ph.D. degree, and your past educational, work, or personal experiences related to the theme of the IGERT program.

Provide a C.V. (two-page maximum) that summarizes your professional background and accomplishments. Feel free to include any information on the C.V. that may be relevant to your qualifications as an IGERT applicant (e.g., leadership experiences, interdisciplinary research, etc.).

Additional Information (optional)