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Sustainable Grid Integration of Distributed and Renewable Resources

UT Thermal Lab

The Thermal Lab is the University of Texas at Austin's new experimental laboratory for conducting research on innovative façade design, glazing, shading, window treatments, and other energy-efficient building technologies.  It is located on the south side of the West Mall Building within the UT School of Architecture complex. IGERT students are invited to utilize this lab for related experiments. For more information on the Thermal Lab, its applications for use and usage protocol guidelines, please follow this link to be directed to their website. 

Thermal lab capabilities:

  • Accurate control and monitoring of interior air temperature
  • Accurate control and monitoring of ventilation airflow
  • Remote-access laboratory monitoring tools
  • Monitoring and recording of energy used for: HVAC, lights, computers
  • Local, on-site weather monitoring

Flexible instrumentation capabilities:

  • Temperature
  • Light intensity
  • Heat flux
  • Airflow


 Pictures of Thermal Lab:

thermal lab outside

thermal lab from street view

thermal lab inside

thermal lab inside2