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Materials chemistry is crucial to many important energy producing/storage devices and processes. My research group at UT Austin is employing several innovative experimental techniques and strategies for advancing the state-of-the-art in materials for applications in the areas of solar energy, catalysis for energy, and Li-ion battery electrode materials for energy storage.

Group/Research Highlights

  • Wen-Yueh gets IPMI Award in Catalysis!!

    Wen-Yueh Yu wins an International Precious Metals Institute award for his research in catalysis employing precious metals!  Congratulations Wen-Yueh!

  • Greg's paper to JACS accepted!

    Greg's paper to the Journal of the American Chemical Society regarding the partial oxidation of allyl alcohol on gold is accepted! Congratulations Greg!

  • Sean's paper to J. Mater. Chem. A on lead telluride is accepted!

    Sean's paper to the Journal of Materials Chemistry A on the lithiation and de-lithiation performance of lead telluride has been accepted!  Congratulations Sean!



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