solarPhotoSolar Photocatalytic Materials – Sunlight to Fuels
We are testing and trying to discover cheap, durable, and efficient materials as well as device strategies and nano-morphologies for use as photocatalysts for converting cheap feed-stocks (e.g., water or carbon dioxide) into renewable fuels (e.g., H2) using sunlight as an energy source.
catalystCatalysis and Surface Chemistry
Enhanced mechanistic understanding and new materials are needed for energy-intensive and energy–producing catalytic processes.  We are studying gas-surface chemistry and catalytic processes on well-characterized surfaces and materials.
ionMaterials for Li-Ion Battery Electrodes
New electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries are essential for reducing greenhouse gases and enhanced utilization of renewable energy sources.  We are trying to identify new materials and nano-structures for use as electrodes in advanced lithium-ion batteries.

Prof. C. Buddie Mullins
Dept.'s of Chem. Engr. & Chem.
University of Texas at Austin
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