BMES in Orlando on 10/7/2021                                    BPS in San Francisco on 2/19/2022         

BPS in San Diego on 2/15/2020                                        Dr. Yeh at OIST on 5/31/2021         

Group dinner on 8/7/2019                                     Group outing in Schelitterbahn on 8/7/2019         

BME faculty group photo in 2018                          Congratulations, Dr. Liu!         

Tim is tenured!                                                        Phyllis and Katie won PEER poster awards!          

Allen's PhD defense on 8/16/2018                          Group photo with Cong on 6/11/2018            

Sunny at the poster competition on 5/4/2018         Group outing in Comal River on 8/9/2018            

Allen's TTBA Symposium on 11/4/2017              Group photo at Welch Conference on 10/24/17            

Hannah Horng presenting on 8/10/16                 Group photo at Welch Conference on 10/26/16            

Group dinner on 11/23/15                                                Cong's PhD proposal on 8/18/15            

Dr. Enderlein visited us on 2/21/14                Evan's Picoquant Young Investigator Award on 2/8/15            

Ben, Darren and Peter at CSE Poster Competition on 4/21/15           

Group photo at 2014 BMES in San Antonio

Group outing at McKinney Falls State Park on 8/17/2014

Our first summer group outing on 8/4/2013 at Barton Spring Pool