Joseph Hyungseob Lim

Joseph Hyungseob Lim  / Photoelectrochemistry

Joseph received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Georgia in December 2014 where he worked as an undergraduate researcher on the computation of probabilities in quatum mechanical tunneling control of reaction kinetics.  Joseph completed a M.S. in Chemistry with the photoelectrochemistry subgroup in 2017.

Doug Safarik

Doug Safarik / Studies of Amorphous Solid Water
Doug completed his Ph.D. in August 2001 and his dissertation was entitled "Crystallization of Amorphous Solid Films."  Doug then joined the Los Alamos National Laboratory as a post-doctoral fellow and was hired as a permanent staff member a few years later.  Doug and his wife Tamara live in Santa Fe with their three sons.

Paul L. Tanaka

Paul L. Tanaka / Air Quality and Thin Film Growth

Paul completed the work for his Ph.D. in May 2004 with a dissertation entitled "The Contribution of Chlorine Radicals to Tropospheric Ozone Formation in Southeastern Texas." Paul was co-supervised in his thesis work by Professors Dave Allen and Buddie Mullins. Paul joined ExxonMobil after finishing his graduate work and is currently in Corporate Strategic Planning with ExxonMobil. Paul and his wife Jocelyn have five children.

James Stiehl

James Stiehl

Ph.D. December 2004
James completed the work for his Ph.D. in December 2004 with a dissertation entitled "Model Catalyst Studies of the CO Oxidation Reaction on Titania-Supported Gold Nanoclusters" and then moved to Portland, OR to join Intel.  Most recently he has moved into Web Development.


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