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Sustainable Grid Integration of Distributed and Renewable Resources


IGERT Fall Seminar Schedule 2015:

August 28         Tour of Solar Decathlon House (2112 Leona Street) 9-9:45 20/13

September 1     IGERT research affinity groups - small group discussions

September 8     PV Growth Markets and Innovations – Richard Estrada, VP Energy Solutions at Circular Energy

September 15   Summer 2015 Munich Experiences – Margaret, Christina, Thomas, Ben

September 22   Media Training – Gary Rasp, Energy Institute (2:30-4:30pm) 6 spots available, first come first serve

September 29   Pecan Street and UT – Bert Haskell, Chief Technology Officer, Pecan Street

October 6         Start-ups - Joseph Kopser, Co-Founder & CEO of RideScout (Smartphone App)

October 13       Art and Science of Energy Lobbying – Russ Keene, The Monument Group

October 14       Pecan Street Industry Advisory Committee Meeting (8:30-3:00), SAC 2.302

October 14       Pecan Street Technology Showcase (4-6pm) @ Pike Powers Lab

October 15       University Municipal Water Conference (8:30-5), SAC 2.302

October 20       Integrating Renewables in the Grid & AE Generation Plan - Khalil Shalibi, Austin Energy

October 27       Media Training – Gary Rasp, Energy Institute (2:30-4:30pm) 6 spots available, first come first serve

November 3     Professional Development – CV/Resume writing, interviewing, job search workshop – Michael Powell, Director of Engineering Career Services

November 10   Discussions with Dr. Webber, topic TBD

November 17   TBD

November 24   Nuclear Power Discussion – Dale Klein, former Principal Executive Officer for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (currently serving as Associate Vice Chancellor for Research & Associate Director of the Energy Insitute)

December 1    Spring Semester Planning Meeting


IGERT Fall Seminar Schedule 2014:

September 2     Planning Session for Fall Programs

September 8     Acessing Pecan Street Data & Pike Powers Lab Tour - Scott Hinson/Grant Fisher

September 9     Summer 2014 Munich Experiences - Abby, Kristen, Donna, Kate, Alex, Bonnie

September 16   IGERT Research Affinity Groups (facilitated discussions around student research)

September 23   Fall Group Project - Theme TBD

September 30   Opower & her Germany Experience this summer - Erin Keys

October 7         TBD

October 14       TBD

October 21       TBD

October 28       TBD

November 4      TBD (held in CPE 4.446)

November 18    TBD

November 25    TBD

December 2      Spring Semester Planning Meeting (held in CPE 4.446)


IGERT Spring Seminar Schedule 2014: 

January 10      External Advisory Committee Meeting (8:30am-4:00pm)

January 17      Thermal Façade Lab Tour at PRC (11am-12pm)

January 20      MLK Day – No meeting

January 27      Update on Energy Institute – Thomas Edgar

February 3      Patent Law – Jerry Keys (3pm-5pm)

February 10    Solarbridge – Pat Chapman

February 17    GELI – Michael Breen

February 28    Explore UT prep – test bike/solar panel activity (12:15-12:45pm)

March 3          Unconventional forms of demand-side resources and wholesale electricity market/utility

                        business models - Colin Meehan

March 10        Spring Break – No meeting

March 21        CEM tour of Microgrid Research at PRC – Robert Hebner (10:30am-12pm)

March 24        Discussions with Michael Webber

March 31        ERCOT's Reserve Margin and Capacity Markets - Ross Baldick

April 7            UT IGERT presentations to Cornell IGERT (3:00-4:30pm)

April 14          Fall Planning Meeting

April 21          Cornell IGERT presentations to UT IGERT – (3:00-4:30pm)

April 30          Energy/Water Nexus - Amy Hardberger (11am-12pm)