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Sustainable Grid Integration of Distributed and Renewable Resources

Study Abroad

Sustainable Grid IGERT Trainees have the opportunity to participate in a customized research experience in Munich, Germany.·


In Summer 2011, our first group of UT student's visited Munich for seven weeks.· A draft report of their activities and experience can be seen here .


In 2012, one IGERT Trainee had the opportunity to experience Munich. A report of his activities can be seen here .


During the Summer of 2013, three IGERT Trainees traveled to Munich to facilitate an exchange of ideas with students and faculty at TU Munchen, participate in international conferences and experience German culture. Reports from our trainees can be seen here and here.

Professor Thomas Edgar, our Principal Investigator for the Sustainable Grid IGERT, also traveled to Munich during the Summer of 2013 to visit the university and various TUM faculty. Professor Werner Lang hosted his visit. The two of them can be seen in the picture below, visiting the Munich Olympic Village Tower.

 Tom Werner Picture July 2013

 Left to right: Professor Werner Lang (TUM), Professor Thomas Edgar (UT)


Seven IGERT Trainees visited Munich during the summer of 2014. This was the biggest group to date that traveled to Europe for the IGERT Study Abroad Progam. Their reports can be found by clicking on their individual names:

Kristen Cetin

Abigail Ondeck

Erin Keys

Donna Chen

Alex Headley

Kate McArdle - Section 1, Section 2

Bonnie Roberts - Section 1, Section 2.1, Section 2.2, Section 3, Section 4.1, Section 4.2, Section 5


In the summer of 2015, four IGERT trainees visited Munich. Their reports can be found below:

Margaret Cook

Thomas Deetjen

Christina Wirsching

Benjamin Weaver - Section 1, Section 2