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Sustainable Grid Integration of Distributed and Renewable Resources


Trainee Research Abstracts

Water Constraints in the Energy Sector - Margaret Cook (with Prof. Michael Webber)

Margaret's masters research as part of the Energy-Water Nexus focuses on the effects of drought and heat wave on thermoelectric power generation and fuel extraction.

Water constraints affect power plants in many ways. Recent droughts and heat waves have revealed the vulnerability of some power plants to effects from higher temperature intake water for cooling. To avoid heating the cooling water beyond temperature thresholds set by the EPA, some plants have been forced to reduce their power generation. At the same time, future warming of water resources from heat waves, droughts, or climate change might...

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Affiliate Research Abstracts

Advanced Building Thermal Management Systems- Steve Bourne (with Atila Novoselac) 

As we begin to increase our dependence on renewable but intermittent energy resources, such as wind and solar power, the management of energy demand becomes...

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Future Research Projects

1.  Design of Multiple-input Converters for Integration of Diverse Distributed Generation Sources – Prof. Alexis Kwasinski

One of the main barriers for increased use of renewable energy sources is their variability and low availability (e.g....

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GridSec Presentation by Dave Tuttle

UT-Austin Student Research on Smart Sustainable Grids: IGERT and Pecan Street Inc.

2013 Spring UT Energy Symposium Student Research Showcase: Joshua Rhodes

2013 Spring UT Energy Symposium Student Research...

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