Solar Fuels

We are interested in the technology and science of the generation of fuels via solar energy. Our activities involve: (i) synthesis of nanostructured photomaterials for light absorption and (ii) discovery of electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution and hydrogen evolution reactions. We physically characterize these materials employing electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, and etc.. We also measure the electrical properties of the materials and we employ electrochemical and photo-electrochemical methods for further testing.

Catalysis and Surface Chemistry

We seek to enhance our understanding of catalysis as well as discovering and synthesizing advanced catalytic materials. We take several approaches in our work: (i) study of classical high-surface-area catalysts in a flow reactor, (ii) studies of model samples at low temperatures and under ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) conditions, (iii) studies of model catalysts that can be characterized in UHV but with reactivity studied at close to atmospheric pressure, and (iv) density functional theory modeling with collaborators.

Battery Electrode Materials

We are interested in making both applied and fundamental contributions to battery electrode materials. Our work includes studies related to lithium-ion batteries as well as room-temperature sodium-ion batteries. The research includes (i) synthesizing novel materials ( for storing lithium or sodium) by physical as well as wet-chemical methods, (ii) the physical characterization of these materials via x-rays, electron microscopy, etc., and (iii) the electrochemical characterization of the materials.