Yong-Mao Lin

Yong-Mao Lin / Battery Electrode Materials

Yong-Mao finished his Ph.D. work in August 2013 and his dissertation is entitled "Nanostructured Anode Materials for Li-Ion and Na-Ion Batteries." He then joined Intel near Portland, OR.

Sean P Berglund

Sean P Berglund / Solar Photocatalysis

Sean finished his Ph.D. research in December 2013 compiling a dissertation entitled "Mixed Metal Oxide Semiconductors and Electrocatalyst Materials for Solar Energy Conversion." He is now in a postdoc position with Professor Roel van de Krol at the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin.

Wen-Yueh Yu

Wen-Yueh Yu / Catalysis on metal and metal alloy systems

Wen-Yueh received both his M.S. and B.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering at National Taiwan University. After that he worked as a research assistant in the Institute of Chemistry at Academia Sinica before coming to Texas. Most recently Wen-Yueh has been a Post-Doc at the ETH in Switzerland.

Kyle Klavetter

Kyle Klavetter / Lithium- and Sodium-Ion Batteries

Kyle received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tulsa in 2010. He held a National Science Foundation Fellowship while he was a graduate student at UT-Austin pursuing research related to the safety and the performance of both lithium-ion and room-temperature sodium-ion batteries.  Kyle began his post-doctoral work at Sandia National Labs in January 2016.

Hoang Dang

Hoang Dang / Battery Electrode Materials

Hoang received his B.S. and M.S. (2007) in Chemical Engineering from Hanoi University of Technology before joining UT-Austin as a graduate student. He was a Vietnam Education Foundation Fellow during his tenure in Austin.  Hoang moved to Saudi Arabia for a postdoctoral position at KAUST.

Alex Rettie

Alex Rettie / Solar photocatalysis

Alex obtained the MEng degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh in 2009. Between graduating and arriving in Austin, he worked at the University of Washington with microfluidic devices for high-throughput screening. Currently, he is a Post-Doc at Argonne/Northwestern.

Sean Wood

Sean Wood / Battery materials

Sean received his Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2011. Sean was awarded an National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG) while at UT-Austin.  Sean is now at Idaho National Engineering Laboratory researching batteries.


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